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Art inspires. It widens perspective. It stirs thought. It reminds us that anything is possible and to follow our dreams.

For as long as we’re in business, we will push to contribute to the artistic development of Edmonton. Our latest initiative is the commissioning of a 6 storey mural in Old Strathcona by renowned Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel. His work can been seen in the streets and galleries of some of the most progressive cities in the world.

This is a project that will rely on the support of the community and from those who are passionate about art and who are committed to having the world see us as a creative centre.  

100% of the money we raise over the next few weeks will be contributed to public art in Edmonton. It starts with the Okuda mural, and will continue with the support of the Rust Magic Street Art Festival.
Edmonton is a large canvas, it’s time to colour it in.

-Michael Maxxis


Imagine Okuda Chefs Dinner

6 CHEFS. 6 courses.
6 storeys.

A globally inspired fundraising dinner to support the creation of Edmonton’s largest mural in the heart of Old Strathcona, taking place June 27th. Showcasing chefs Sammy Chalmers from Holy Roller, Shane Chartrand from -SC- at River Cree, Lindsay Porter from London Local, Jason Barton Brownie from Hayloft, Eric Hanson from Prairie Noodle House, and Chef Medi from Buco. Not only will this evening hosted at Holy Roller delight your taste buds; we are fundraising for artwork for you to feast your eyes on. 

Tickets starting at $250/person




Vibrancy. Rooftop Yoga
& Brunch.

Join Andrew Misle on the morning of July 1st for a roof-top yoga practice overlooking the historic streets of Old Strathcona. Followed by brunch at the Holy Roller.

Tickets starting at $75/person



HAVE MERCY's signature drink

“okuda matata” 

The team at Merchant Hospitality has created a cocktail to complement the juxtaposed, colourful palette of Okuda San Miguel’s art. $5 from every cocktail sold, will go toward the mural project.

Want to contribute, but don’t need the cocktail? Let your server know and they will ring up a  donation of any amount on your bill..



  Vodka / Raspberry / Honey / Lemon / Egg White / Rainbow

Vodka / Raspberry / Honey / Lemon / Egg White / Rainbow



OKuda san Miguel

Okuda San Miguel was born on November 19, 1980 in Santander, and now resides in Madrid since 2000. Okuda has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. Since beginning in 1997, his works on abandoned roads and factories in his hometown were clearly recognizable. Parallel to his work in the street, Okuda also began to produce more intimate works in his studio, which as of 2009 is evolving towards a more personal path.

The geometric structures and multi-colored prints are joined with gray bodies and organic forms in artistic pieces that could be classified as Pop Surrealism with a clear essence of the street. His works often raise contradictions about existentialism, the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, the false freedom of capitalism, and show a clear conflict between modernity and our roots; in short, between the human being and himself.

In his work, multicolored geometric architectures merge with organic forms, bodies without identity, animals without heads, a multitude of conflicting symbols that incite reflection ... A unique and very special iconographic language.

His works can be seen in streets and galleries around the world: India, Mali, Mozambique, the United States, Japan, Chile, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Mexico and the entire European continent.